• Question: How does the people predict the weather? Is there any equations to predict the weather?

    Asked by vim07 on 31 Jan 2020.
    • Photo: Fiona Macfarlane

      Fiona Macfarlane answered on 31 Jan 2020:

      Meteorologists are able to predict the changes in weather patterns by using several different tools.
      They measure certain conditions (eg. temperature/pressure) and also have data from previous days/years to make a guess what the weather will be like. Now they can also use satellite data to study cloud patterns etc

    • Photo: Diana Kornbrot

      Diana Kornbrot answered on 3 Feb 2020:

      there are manyequations to predict the weather. they are alll basically physics equations about how gases and liquids move under pressure
      complicated because
      1. so many equations invloved
      2. weather is cahoptic in sense that starting fro almost identical start conditions can give very different outcomes
      Need powerul computeres to COMBINE all equations to get predoictions
      Career in weather forecasting requires degree with substantial maths component